EHO: A Cultural Experience
An innovative fashion exhibition project inspired by social media to foster audience engagement
EHO. A Cultural Experience is an exhibition. It applies the social media model: practices, structure and language to the museum's space to make it relevant for the audiences who like, share and comment on a every day basis. EHO is a fashion exhibition because my process started in fashion. It was developed as a personal project with the Digital Anthropology Lab at London College of Fashion.
EHO is made of 7 videos, the objects of the exhibition. Then, EHO is a virtual exhibition adaptable to VR. Finally, EHO is a smartphone app, to be used in the exhibition space, fostering interaction and participation of the audience. The user can 'pin' images or text digitally on the museum's walls as responses to the videos exhibited. EHO becomes the visitor's exhibition who becomes the user of the museum's space.

When: December 2016
Concept Development
Creative Direction
This project was judged worthy of a distinction by London College of Fashion professors' team.
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